Crypto Currencies per person

Today, the world population is 7.6 Billion. Everyone needs some kind of money for their day to day needs. What if (Personally, I am very confident) at some point in the near future at least a billion  people would adopt some of the major crypto currencies for their day to day transaction? There is only finite number of coins which can every be created for each of these crypto currencies. Example, Number of Bitcoins which can ever be in circulation is 21 Million. Today, around 16 Million Bitcoins are mined and in circulation. To reach 21 Million, it would take another 120 years. Bitcoin is expected to reach 21 Million in 2140.

With that in mind, lets do some math as to see how much each person can own.

Assumption :

  • Currency divided among only 1 Billion people
  • I am considering what these 1 billion people can own when the full set of coins which can ever be created are in circulation.
SL# Coin Code Coin Name Maximum Supply Coin/person
1 bitcoin BTC Bitcoin 21,000,000 0.021
2 ethereumETH Ethereum 96,231,228 * 0.09623123
3 bitcoin-cash BCH Bitcoin Cash 21,000,000 0.021
4 iota MIOTA IOTA 2,779,530,283 2.77953028
5 ripple XRP Ripple 100,000,000,000 100
6 litecoin LTC Litecoin 84,000,000 0.084
7 dash DASH Dash 18,900,000 0.0189
8 bitcoin-gold BTG Bitcoin Gold 21,000,000 0.021
9 monero XMR Monero 18,300,300 0.0183003
10 nemNEM XEM 8,999,999,999 9

*  Max Supply of ETH is unknown at this point in time.

With such limited supply of coins, the price are bound to increase astronomically.

Price of 1 BTC at the time of this posting : $ 15,002